Instructions and Guides for StreamTalker4.

NOTE: Images on this Website may vary due to constant Software updates.
NOTE: If your chat is "Extremely Busy", Streamtalker4 may fail.

StreamTalker4 REQUIRES Registration, if you did not complete the Registration Form, it WILL NOT WORK!
If you missed the Registration Form during purchase, use the Discord or Email links on the left to contact us.

Installing StreamTalker4
StreamTalker4 does Not use an Installer application!
Simply Unzip the downloaded zip file anywhere you like.
Open the folder that the unzip created.
Scroll down the contents until you see StreamTalker4.exe and double click on it
Starting StreamTalker4 for the First Time
1: Create a second Twitch Account for Your Bot If you don't already have one.
This account will be used to Post in your Chat and is a Requirement for successful Operation of StreamTalker4.

2: Start StreamTalker4 and Complete the Login Details If you have forgotten, please email with your Registered ST Email Address.
Note: Must be identical to your Registered Details (case-sensitive)

3: Enter (or Import from v3.x if you had it) your Twitch Details into BOTH the 'Twitch Bot Settings' AND the 'Twitch STreamer Settings' fields
If you don't know your Oauth Codes, READ the following Notes.
Note: If you are logged in to Twitch in your Browser, You must log out of Twitch in your Browser and log in using Your Bot's account before clicking the 'Get New Oauth Code' label in 'Twitch Bot Settings' section. Same applies if your Logged In with your own Account.
Note: StreamTalker4 cannot function if any of these Credentials are wrong, empty, or even have a slight typo, They MUST be correct.
Note: It is essential that you copy the ENTIRE code that is given to you. The word 'oauth:' at the beginning of the code IS PART OF THE CODE, copy the whole thing.

4: After completing the above 3 items, Close StreamTalker and Restart it.
If you did everything above correctly, there is no need to Login to StreamTalker4 again.
When StreamTalker4 is running you can right click on the Icon in your Task Bar and pin it for future use.
Updating StreamTalker4
If there is a new Update, StreamTalker4 will display a notification when it loads.
The latest Changelog is displayed at this time, Please take the time to READ it.
You may choose to Update or not, If you choose not to, you will be prompted at each restart.
All of your Logins, Oauth codes, Settings will not be affected when updating (unless advised in the Changelog).