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StreamTalker, all the features and capabilities are listed here. Test drive the Full Version for the next 7 days for $5!!
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Trial Version $5.00 for 7 Days

  • Full version of StreamTalker v3.6.x
  • No limitations or missing features
  • Easily upgraded to a paid account status
  • Does not require a re-install when upgraded
  • All settings are retained on upgrade
  • No longer usable after expiration date

StreamTalker Version 3.0 'Nate'

Full Version Only - $35.00

  • Full version of StreamTalker v3.6.x
  • TTS Voice Sound Effects
  • Turn off/on Mute all speech
  • Speak only posts with your @ name
  • Speak only posts with special/required word
  • Turn off/on spoken greetings
  • Turn off/on spoken farewells
  • Add editable Viewer names
  • Add editable words/phrases
  • Add editable greetings and farewells
  • Add editable promo messages
  • Interactive Twitch chatroom panel
  • Speak only posts by Subscribers
  • Speak only posts by Moderators
  • Speak only posts by Turbo users
  • Speak only posts by Allowed users
  • Speak only posts by Streamer
  • Editable QuickPosts panel
  • Enable auto-reconnect of streams
  • Enable auto-mute on raids
  • Programmable HotKeys for Mute Current/Raids
  • Audio output device selection
  • Notification sound selection for Current/Raids
  • Manual reload of Twitch connection
  • Auto reload of Twitch connection
  • Post as yourself using QuickPosts
  • Post as Bot or You to Twitch Chat
  • Auto login on startup
  • Auto backup database upon safe exit
  • Ongoing development and updates