Chat Screen

Title Bar,
Displays Status, Word Count in post, Words per Minute Count, Messages Received Count, Time (Local or UTC 12 or 24), Toggle Always On-Top.
Active Chatters,
Displays a list of Active chatter names and count, double click to save and edit the phonetic name that is spoken for each chatter and change settings on a per viewer basis in the Stored Viewers Screen.
Twitch Chat,
Displays an interactive fully operational Chromium-based Twitch chatroom.
Zoom Slider,
Set chat zoom level (auto-saved).
Post to Chat Text Box,
Post message from your Bot's account (Not spoken by TTS).
Lower Bar,
Mute All mutes all TTS speech.
Mute This mutes current post (active during speech).
'Only Follows' speaks only Followers.
'Only Subs' speaks only Subscribers.
'Only Mods' speaks only Moderators.
'Only Keys' speaks only posts that start with @keyword (see settings).
You can mix and match these filters Except 'Only Keys'.


Viewers Screen

Stored Viewers,
Displays list of chatters that have been stored, actual Twitch name and the editable phonetic name to be used by the TTS, individual viewers may be set to have their posts read or not, a different TTS voice may be used per viewer (if stored) and notes on each may be stored.


Dictionary Screen

Shows the saved list of words with their editable phonetic alternatives.
Also displays the saved list of emotes/emojis and their editable phonetic alternatives that will be read when viewer posts them in chat (if Emotes are set to Read in Settings Screen).


Triggers Screen

Words or phrases that the viewer includes in their post will be substituted or responded to.
If you include $user in the Response, the TTS will use the stored viewer's alternate pronunciation (if available).


Quick Posts Screen

Displays a fully editable list of frequently used posts or commands that you often have to post to your chatroom, double click on the word/phrase in the list and it will be posted to your chat.
A Popout Duplicate list can be opened as a seperate window, in this case only a single click is needed to send to your chat.


Promotions Screen

Sometimes referred to as 'Triggers' in other online Bots, displays list of Promotional or other type of Notices etc. that will be read out at the time interval you set.
Set Promotions to On or Off.
Set minutes between messages.
Up/Down arrows can be used to reorder a selected item in the list.


Hotkeys Screen

Hot keys (Keyboard) can be set up to quickly access Menu selection and to perform certain Functions within StreamTalker


Settings Screen

StreamTalker Registered Login,
Displays your Registered StreamTalker credentials and status.

Voice Settings,
Select the TTS Voice you wish to read the chat from the installed Windows TTS voices on your system.
Set the volume and rate(speed) settings.
Select the audio Output you wish the TTS to use.
Voice test, Editable text is read when 'Speak' button is pressed (Not posted to chat).

Twitch Bot Settings,
Enter your Twitch Bot's name, oauth code and your Channel name(your Twitch user name).
You can get a New Oauth code by clicking the blue link.
You can also use StreamTalker4 to have other Streamers Chat read out for you, just put their name in the Channel box and click the Restart button.

Twitch Streamer Settings,
Enter your Twitch user name and oauth code(different to Bot's).
You can get a New Oauth code by clicking the blue link.

Message Settings,
Set delay time between TTS reads.
Set the prefix word to use('said' is a god start).
Enable/Disable prefix being said.
Enable/Disable viewers name being said.

Greetings Settings,
Set Greetings to On/Off.
Set to Greet only Stored Viewers or All.
Enter text to be used to greet viewers.

Spam Settings,
Set number of duplicated words to be checked for spam.
Set to ignore or not those words.

Reminder Settings,
Set Auto Raid Muted reminder to On/Off.
Set Delay in Seconds for reminder.
Enter text to be spoken for reminder.

UI Settings,
Set Title Bar clock to 12 or 24 hour.
Set Title Bar clock to Local or UTC.
Set Data Logging to On or OFF.
Select Application Color.

Emote Settings,
Set All Emotes to be Ignored or Read by TTS.
If set, more than 1 emote will be ignored.

KeyWord Settings,
Enter keyword for 'Only Keys'.
Posts that start with @keyword will be spoken, All others will be ignored.

Voice Volumes,
Set volume level of each installed TTS voice.